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i'm in for tamron hall. a new message to the israeli and palestinian people. the president laid out a new call for mideast peace during two major events. the liberal "huffington post" calls it, quote, real talk. the conservative drudge report headlines, o stirs it up. meanwhile in jerusalem in front of hundreds of college students, the president made it clear, the united states supports israel. >> for young israelis, i know that these issues of security are rooted in an experience even more fundamental than the pressing threat of the day. you live in a neighborhood where many of your neighbors have rejected the right of your nation to exist. make no mistake, those who adhere to the ideology of resisting israel's right to exist, they might as well resist the earth beneath them or the sky above. israel is not going anywhere.
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>> but the president also urged israelis to negotiate with palestinians saying a two-state solution and peace is the only way to true security. >> the only way to truly protect the israeli people over the long term is through the absence of war. no wall is high enough and no iron dome is strong enough or perfect enough to stop every enemy that is intend on doing so from inflicting harm. >> earlier the president traveled to ramallah and the west bank. he met with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas. hours before both events, the palestinian militants from gaza fired a pair of rockets into southern israel breaking a three-month cease fire. no one was hurt in that attack. right now, the president is arriving at a state dinner at president peres's residence. you are looking at live pictures right now, you see secretary of state john kerry there talking.
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president obama is supposed to be awarded the medal of distinction at this dinner. when that happens, we will bring it to you live. again, live pictures there as the president awaits the medal of distinction. martin fletcher is standing by in jerusalem with the very latest for us. good to see you, sir. let's start with the president's speech. how was it received, both in the hall and how was it received by israelis watching it on television? >> reporter: well, i think, craig, it was received very well indeed. surprisingly well. he spoke so clearly and confidently and i think really hit all the points that israelis wanted to hear. one of the surprising things, the reaction of the 600 students from universities around israel that were in the audience, was that they applauded repeatedly. there were several standing ovations. most surprising to me anyway, the more often president obama called for a palestinian state existing in peace alongside israel, the more often he said
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that, the greater the applause was for the students. it was a real message not only from president obama to the students, that they need to consider the needs of the palestinian people. they need to do what's necessary to create a palestinian state. not only was that a message well received but the response from the students was ecstatic. an indication that if there is a peace process, there is some considerable support for it. of course, in reality, no one is very optimistic. lots of fine words today but the difference between the palestinians, the israelis and president obama is still very real. >> the president traveled to the west bank today. any word on what came out of his meeting with president abbas? >> reporter: well, pretty much the same thing as with the israelis. don't forget this is being portrayed as an attempt to mend faces with the israelis. it is the same thing with the palestinians. he lost the israelis four years ago in a speech in cairo.
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he gained the support of the palestinians in that speech because he called for a palestinian state. but so little has happened. so little has changed on the ground that he lost the support of the palestinian people. their reaction to president obama today ranged from indifference to outright hostility. he was well received in the palestinian headquarters in ramallah but outside the headquarters, you only had to go a few hundred yards and you would have found over the past few days in ramallah, almost daily demonstrations by palestinians against the president, calling him the president of the israelis. they said you're no -- the refrain among the palestinian protesters was you're no friend of the palestinians. you're a friend of the israelis. so mending fences with the israelis was very much on his general. just as important was mending fwenss the palestinian people. he said the right things to the palestinian leaders, the palestinian president mahmoud abbas apparently made some come promises in terms of his preconditions with the israelis.
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he said he would not call for an open settlement freeze. that was one of the demands of the palestinians. so some movement among the palestinian leadership that could indicate movement toward support for a new peace process but outside the leadership, he didn't score many friends. did not make many friends among the palestinian people. not yet. >> martin fletcher from jerusalem. let's bring in the news nation panel. the editor at large. bobby, ambassador to the united nations, bill richardson. the president started a speech today. he started on a whom just note. i want to play a bit of what he said. >> i want to clear something up just so you know. any drama between me and my friend was just an attempt to clear up a plot. that was the only thing that was going on. [ applause ]
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we just wanted to make sure that writers had good material. >> bill richardson, based on what we saw yesterday and what we heard and based on what we saw today, there seems to be a may know effort to at least change the perception that his relationship with israel's leader is a strained one. is it working? >> reporter: i think so. there is nothing like humor sow to have lessen the intentions. the relationship was a bit frayed. this was an important visit that need to be made. the president hadn't been there. this president. it is very important and diplomacy, personal relationships. the fact that they got clear understandings on iran, on the right of self-defense, israel, the u.s. will not tolerate nuclear weapons in iran. the discussion on syria.
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i think most importantly the connection with the israeli people which seems to have succeeded to possibly move toward the negotiation on an israeli/palestinian effort. the two-state solution. i think it has been a successful visit. >> what did you make of the speech this morning? >> the speech was lovely. that relationship has been frayed for so long that humor goes some distance. the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. ntsb next few days, if netanyahu authorizes more settlements, we'll know the relationship remains frayed. at least the president went more than halfway. he went all the way from washington to jerusalem. he went there with his arms open. it is now up to netanyahu to respond. the power of the president is not something to be sneered at. now is it depends on the people on the other side of the table.
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>> you seem like you might be skeptical. >> i am. i've covered the middle east for many, many years and there is good reason to be skeptical. the problem is not so much the intentions and the sentiments of the president of the united states but it is with the people on the ground there. with benjamin netanyahu and the people of the palestinians. and they've not known in their reactions with each other any ability to proceed. the president didn't go there with a new plan. all he is saying is get back to the table. it is not a very strong message. a realistic message given the situation. >> as we reported off the top, the reaction to president obama's visit has been a mostly positive one there. this is what the "jerusalem post" had to say this morning. living in a neighborhood, and even in a world in which there are those who have not exactly accepted our right to legitimacy to be here, having the most powerful man in the world come and give us a public bear hug is
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very important. one cannot help but ask, how much frustration, aggravation and anger. what had been prevented in both israel and the united states had obama made this trip and adopted this approach at the beginning of his presidency. why could you think do have we think he did not reach out this way sooner? >> he is there. he did go there. he went before he was president. this has been one of the most pro israeli/american president that's have ever existed. this ten-year security pact that has been signed with the israelis is another reinforcement of that. i think what happened, what has happened in this visit, first, you have to ensure your base. that personal relationship has to be strengthened and i think that has taken place. now the next step is can this
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produce some results? that means an israeli/palestinian peace process. i'm not as pessimistic. i think you secretary kerry really wanted to do this. he will stay behind and push for this. but you're right. if settlements happen in the next few days or months, that's not going to help. but again, what we need is american leadership. brokering a peace. >> let's talk about the settlements. i don't mean to cut you off. the president in ramallah and jerusalem, he said there are, quote, not constructed. the settlements are not constructed but that stopping them should not be a precondition to talks. bobby ghosh, why the change in policy? >> i think it is a realistic assessment. he realizes they have painted themselves into opposite corners of the room. he is trying to find a part for them to get together.
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bibi netanyahu would not an election by the skin of his teeth. he only just managed to put together a coalition. his right wing partners would not go along, i suspect work the complete freeze on settlements. on the palestinian side, they're showing there might be some little wiggle room. they might agree not to call for as they say, open freeze on settlements. a nudge and a wink. that's what the president is doing and saying, look. don't stay so far away from each other that you cannot even listen to each other anymore. just try and get a little closer. be practical. find the political language that will satisfy your own bases but get the peace deal done. >> the nudge and the wink. i like that. mr. richardson, one final question. let's look ahead to tomorrow when the president will be traveling to jordan. president obama has been very care wfl the u.s. involvement in syria but jordan is of course the country dealing with the syrian refugee crisis. more than 450,000 syrians have fled to jordan so far. what do you expect to come out
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of tomorrow's meeting with king abdullah? >> well, king abdullah is a key player in the middle east. jordan has always been helpful to middle east peace process. i think again, a reinforcement of an already strong relationship, countries like jordan help with the syrian issue on refugees. you have to keep jordan involved because they can be very constructive. again, their relationship is good. but being in the region, not going to jordan, especially with the syrian situation exploding, is not a good sign. so the president has covered his bases. he's been to the palestinian authority. a very strong trip and israel's symbolism, personal connection with bibi, laying out new policy. and then with the king of jordan, going more into regional issues like syria and iran makes a lot of sense. >> thanks to both of you.
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>> back here in washington, the house of representatives gave final congressional approval today to a $984 billion spending bill that will avert the government shutdown that would have happen a week from today. it keeps the government running for at least the next six months and eases some but not all the sequester cuts as well. to avert a government shutdown in a rare show of bit partisanship, the house pass ad stop-gap bill 318-109. in similar bipartisan fashion, it passed the senate yesterday. the house was divided today when it passed the gop budget plan for the next fiscal year. written by house budget committee chairman, paul ryan. it passed in a mostly party line vote, 221-207 and it followed heated debate. >> this resolution makes deep and indiscriminate and harmful sequestration cuts that threaten our economic recovery.
11:16 am
>> we can't continue to spend money we don't have. >> this is an uncompromising ideological approach to our budget. >> we want to balance the budget. they don't. >> chairman of the democratic campaign committee and we should note declined an invitation to trav with the president to israel for these votes. congressman, great to see you. >> good to be with you. >> hold on right now. hold on for a second. we want to show you, show our viewers at home these live pictures of president obama again, president obama meeting with president peres. he is going to be receiving the medal of distinction there. while we are looking at these pictures, congressman, let's talk for a few moments until they start the speeches. let's talk about the trip the president has been on. i'm sure you saw at least a portion of the speech this morning. you saw the speech yesterday.
11:17 am
is this how you envisioned the president's trip to the middle east? >> it is exactly how i envisioned it. you're right, the president invited me and only three other members of congress to travel to israel with him on air force one and i would have liked to be there to see things happen as they are. but i had the responsibility of votes on this ryan budget. this republican budget and also responsibilities back home in my district on long island. on what the president has accomplished in israel, i think fundamentally he has reiterated not just to the israelis but to the arab world, to palestinians and the entire world that this alliance sun shakeable between united states and israel. he saw the fruits of our labor. he went to see the iron dome system which this president increased if you saiding for to protect israel from unprovoked attacks. it is not simply a matter of a president who makes a visit, but it is a president who is seeing specifically the empirical evidence of the foundation between the united states and israel. a foundation built on security
11:18 am
and peace. >> there are not going to be any speeches there so we'll switch to the budget. when president the does receive the medal of distinction, we'll bring that to you live. we should note that president obama is the first sitting u.s. president to receive this honor. congressman, let's talk about the budget that you guys passed. the senate has been debating the democrats' plan today. the house plan. it raises no new revenues. it cuts the. it would cut deeper into some agencies like the fbi and the nih. the center piece of the plan seems to be the balancing of the budget in ten years. exit polling after the 2012 race shows that 15%, 15% of the folks who were polled said that cutting the deficit was the most important issue facing the country. why the gap between what voters say that they want and what lawmakers are doing there in washington? >> because the lawmakers who are developing and passing budgets in washington, d.c. are
11:19 am
completely out of touch with what most americans want. look, when paul ryan in that foot ang we just saw said that they want to about a the budget and we don't, either he is not listening or purposely evading the truthful we both want a balanced budget. the issue is how do you balance it? democrats believe we should have a solutions based budget that does three things. number one, that it takes a balanced approach to reducing debt. we've got to reduce debt. number two, that is fair to the middle class. their budget is completely unfair to the middle class. number three, that invest in the right priorities. the smart priorities. their budget completely divests. when the times are tough and families are sitting there trying to figure out what cut do we cut going to an expensive restaurant or cut our kids going to college? what this republican budget says
11:20 am
is let's keep going to the expensive restaurant. handouts to big oil companies. continued loophole for special interests. no, invest in sending your kids to education and cut the special interest handouts. those are the budgets that we ought to pass and those are the budgets that most americans agree with. >> new york congressman steve israel. thank you. still ahead, poll divide. from the budget to same sex marriage. even guns. when it come to these hot button issues, we'll look at why congress and the american public appear to be on totally different pages. we're also following the manhunt for the kill here gunned down colorado's prison chief. officials are now investigating a link between the murder and the chief's refusal to extradite a saudi national. don't forget as always, you can join our conversation on twitter. you can find us there. hey.
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israeli president shimon peres getting ready to award the presidential medal of distinction to president obama right now. as you can see, this is a live look here. all of this is happening at the president's residence in jerusalem. let's listen in for a bit. >> on occasions, when we were alone, you stood with us. so we were not alone. we were alone together. we shall never forget it. during your previous visit you asked me if i had any advice to offer. well, it's not my nature not to let questions go unanswered. so i suggested that while people say that the future belongs to the young, it is the present
11:25 am
that really belongs to the young. leave the future to me. i have time. i think i was right. because the moment you came into office, you immediately had to face daunting and demanding challenges day in, day out. i prayed that you would meet them with wisdom and determination. without losing hope, without allowing others to lose hope. you know, the prayers were answered. after all, they came from jerusalem and they came to us as a great message. it is a tribute to leadership.
11:26 am
to the strength of your character. to the principles that you have never surrendered to hopelessness. you stood and stand firmly by your vision. your values, your nation, they serve our nation as well. so i know that you will never stop to strive for a better world as you say today -- we have a rich heritage and a great dream. as you look back i feel that the israel of today has exceeded the vision we have had 65 years ago. reality has surpassed the dreams. the united states of america helped us to make this possible. still, the path to tomorrow may be fraught with obstacles.
11:27 am
i believe that we can overcome them by our determination and by your commitment. i am convinced that you will do whatever is necessary to free the world's horizons and the skies of jerusalem from the iranian threat. iran is building a nuclear bomb. the iranian regime is the greatest danger to the world peace. history has shown time and again that peace, prosperity and stable civil society cannot flourish when threats abound.
11:28 am
i wish them from the depth of my heart a happy holiday and a real freedom. israel will seize any opportunity for peace. being small, we have to maintain our qualitative edge. i know that you responded and will respond to it. the strengths of israel is its forces that afford us the ability to seek peace. and north america is a country whose security is the best guarantee to end the march of folly, the march of terror and bloodshed. we watch that admiration the way you lead the united states of america. the way you stay true time and again to your bonds of
11:29 am
friendship with us. your commitment and deeds speaks volumes about the principles that guides america to strive for freedom and democracy, at home but also all over the world. you send the boys to fight for the freedom of others. what is uplifting is that the united states brought freedom, not only to its own people, but never stops and never will stop to help other people to become free. you present democracy at its best. you have deepened its meaning. namely that democracy is not just the right to be equal but the equal right to be different. that democracy is not just a
11:30 am
free expression but a self-expression as well. you exemplify the spirit of democracy by striving for justice and equality, opportunity in the american society, that the world has now become global and yet remains individual, and you offer those principles. you have shown global responsibility and individual sensitivity. on monday night, mr. president, we shall celebrate passover. the festival of freedom. the celebration of spring. the celebration of spring means our journey from the house of slaves to the home of the free. this started more than 3,000 years ago. we remember it every year.
11:31 am
we are commended to feel as though each of us personally participated in that journey. we shall not forget where we came from. we shall remember always where we are headed to. which is to make the promiseland a land of promise. a land of freedom, justice and equality. while reality call for vigilance, we are called to believers. israel is an island in a stormy sea. we have to make our island safe and we wish that the sea will become tranquil. we converted our dessert into a garden. it was achieved by our people and the potential of science.
11:32 am
what we have done, mr. president, can be done all over the middle east, as we have rightly said tonight. israel is described as a start-up nation. the middle east can become a start-up region. dear president, you noted in your address today that peace is the greatest hope. i share your vision. your call to reopen may open the way for the implementation of the two-state solution agreed by all of us. as you said, a jewish state, israel, an arab state, palestine. if i am not wrong, next to you
11:33 am
sits our prime minister. he was reelected. he open his address in knesset by rewriting his commitment to the two-state solution. dear friends, i have sin in my life. i have the right to believe that peace is attainable. as you felt today, this is the deep conviction of our people. with our resolve and your support, dear barack obama, we shall win and it will happen. i am privileged to bestow upon you the medal of distinction. it was recommended by a committee of seven prominent israeli citizens, headed by our
11:34 am
former chief of justice and includes our former president. it was my view and i was glad to accept the recommendation. you inspired the world with your leadership. mr. president from a grateful nation to a very great leader. god bless america. >> thank you. >> thank you, president peres. i now have the privilege to invite the president of the united states of america, the
11:35 am
honorable barack obama, to receive the presidential award of distinction from the president of the state of israel, his excellency, shimon peres. and now we will begin the ceremony presidential award of distinction. please be seated. president obama has been nominated for this award for the following reasons. barack obama serves as the 44th president of the united states of america. he was elected to his first term in 2008. capturing the world attention and the heart of the american people. in 2012 he was elected to a second term. barack obama's presidency has been distinguished by his deep belief and ongoing fight for
11:36 am
equality in the united states of america and for the promotion of democratic values, human rights, solidarity and peace across the world. in 2009 he was awarded the nobel prize for his special contribution and efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. through his personal story and agenda as president of the united states, barack obama serves as a beacon of democratic values and exemplifies the spirit of equal opportunity in america, inspiring people all over the world. during his tenure, president obama has made a unique and significant contribution to the security of the state of israel. both through further strengthening the strategic cooperation between the countries and the joint development of technology to defend civilian populations
11:37 am
against missiles and terrorism. the iron dome system is a prominent example of this cooperation, saving lives of many and ensuring the safety of citizens all over israel. for these reasons, shimon peres, president of the state of israel, will confer upon barack obama, president of the united states of america, the highest civilian award of the state of israel, the presidential medal of distinction.
11:38 am
ladies and gentlemen, please raise a glass with the presidents. lachaim. >> to the president of the united states -- >> thank you, president peres. you may now go back to your seat. >> there you have it. the israeli president shimon peres, presenting the medal of distinction to president obama, and during his presentation, president peres, of course he mentioned the iranian threat and he said of president obama, you sxem reply identify the spirit of democracy. you have shown global responsibility and individual
11:39 am
sensitivity as well. this is the highest civilian award in israel. president obama is saying a few words here. let's listen in as he receives the medal of distinction. >> and friends, this is an extraordinary honor for me. and i could not be more deeply moved. and i have to say, after the incredible welcome i've received over the past two days and the warmth of the israeli people, the tribute from president peres, the honor of this medal, i mean as you say -- >> i'm told that the talmud teaches you should not pronounce all the praises of a person in their presence.
11:40 am
and mr. president, if i praised all the chapters of your remarkable life, then we would be here all night. so let me simply say this about our gracious host. mr. press president, the state of israel has been the cause of your life through bitter wars and fragile peace, through hardship and prosperity. you've built her. you've cared for her, you've strengthened her, you've nurtured the next generation who will inherit her. ben gurion, mayer, begin, rabin, these giants have left us. only you are with us still. a founding father in our midst and we are so grateful for your vision, your friendship, but most of all for your example including the example of your extraordinary vitality, every time i see your president, i ask him who his doctor is. we all want to know the secret.
11:41 am
so with gratitude for your life and your service, and as you prepare to celebrate your 90th birthday this summer, and since i'm starting to get pretty good at hebrew. let me propose a toast even though you've taken away my wine. come on. bring another one. so a toast. l' chaim. that's good wine. actually, we should probably get this out of the photograph. all these people will say i'm having too much fun in israel. just a few more words, mr.
11:42 am
president, you mentioned that this medal is presented in recognition toward progress of the ideals of equality and justice. but i am mindful that i stand here tonight because of so many others, including the example and the sacrifices of the jewish people. in a few days, as we do at every sedar, we'll break and hide a piece of matzoh. it is a great way to entertain the kids, malia and sasha, even though they're getting older they still enjoy it and there are a lot of good places to hide it in the white house. but on a much deeper 11, it speaks to the scope of our human experience, how parts of our lives can be broken while other parts can be elusive. how we can never give up searching for the things that make us whole. and few know this better than the jewish people. after slavery and decades in the
11:43 am
wilderness and with moses gone, the future of the israelites was in doubt. but with joshua as their guide, they pushed on to victory. after the first temple was destroyed, it seemed jerusalem was lost. but with courage and resolve, the second temple reestablished the jewish presence. after centuries of persecution and pograms, the shah aimed to eliminate the jewish people but the gates flew open. there emerged the ultimate rebuke to hate and ignorance. survivors would live and love again. when the moment of israel's independence was met by aggression on all sides, it was unclear whether this nation would survive. but with heroism and sacrifice, the state of israel not only endured but thrived. and during six days in june and yom kippur one october, it seem
11:44 am
all you had built might be lost. when the guns fell silent, it was clear the nation of israel lives. as i said in my speech earlier today, this story from slavery to salvation, of overcoming even the most overwhelming odds is a mention that has inspired the world. that includes jewish americans but also african-americans who have so often had to deal with their own challenges. but with whom you have stood shoulder to shoulder. african-americans and jewish americans marched together at selma and montgomery with rabbis carrying the torah as they walked. they boarded the buses for freedom rights together. they bled together and game their rights geft. like michael goldman, alongside african-americans james cheney. because of their struggle of generations in both countries, we can come together tonight in
11:45 am
freedom and in security. so if i can paraphrase the same, it turned our mourning into dancing, they changed our sack cloths into robes of joy. this evening i would like to close with the words of two leaders who brought us some of this joy. he raise his voice fork ball social justice, he marched with martin luther king and he spoke of israel in term of the struggles in america. our very existence is a witness that man must live toward redemption, he said. and that history is not always made by man alone. rabbi prince was born in germany, expelled by the nazis and found refuge in america. he built support for the new state of israel. and on that august day in 1963,
11:46 am
he joined dr. king at the march on washington. and this is what rabbi prince said to the crowd. in the realm of the spirit, our fathers taught us thousands of years ago that when god created man, he created him as everybody's neighbor. neighbor is not a geographic concept. it is a moral concept. it means our collective responsibility for the preservation of man's dignity and integrity. president peres, prime minister netanyahu, friends, our very existence, our presence here tonight is a testament that all things are possible. even those things that in moments of darkness and doubt may seem elusive. the stories of our peoples teach us to never stop searching for the things that justice and the peace that make us whole. and so as we go forward together with confidence, we will know that while our countries may be
11:47 am
separated by a great ocean in the realm of the spirit, we will always be neighbors and friends. i very humbly accept this award understanding that i am accepting it on behalf of the american people who are join together with you. may god bless you and may he watch over our two great nations. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, mr. president. president obama accepting the medal of distinction in jerusalem at the home of israeli president shimon peres. i'm going to turn back to domestic politics right now. is there a growing divide between what the american public says they want and what elected officials are actually doing in congress? that's what new polling seems to indicate. for example, a survey out yesterday says 28% of people who now support gay marriage say they used to be opponents. this is in addition to another poll out this week showing 58% of all americans now support same sex marriage. that's at an all time high.
11:48 am
we're finding similar trends with gun control and tax loopholes as well. let's bring in today's panel. the former national press secretary for the obama campaign. good to see all of you. thank you for being here. >> thanks. >> let's start with gay marriage. the attitude shift is generational. younger people are much more supportive than younger people generally speaking when it comes to same sex marriage. are hopeful politicians making a conscious decision to follow the younger voters instead of the older ones? >> take a look. the future of their party is at risk. 81% of young people support it. public opinion has change so quickly could you get whip lash. in 2004 the bush/cheney campaign built their campaign on putting ban same sex marriage on the ballot. you had santorum make outrageous
11:49 am
comments about it. now you have a sitting u.s. senator embrace gay marriage. you've had a host republicans come out, so to speak, for it. over the years and i think you will see that grow. but chairman priebus put it into the autopsy report for the party. if the party will have a vibrant future, they're going to have to start to embrace lgbt issues. >> we're seeing a similar situation with gun control as well. 91% of florida voters support universal background checks. even 80% in gun owning households are in favor. today vice president biden and new york city mayor michael bloomberg talked about the background checks. take a listen. >> there's not one single thing being proposed. not one. not one, not one. that infringes upon anyone's second amendment constitutional right. not one. >> no doubt that requiring back ground checks for all guns sales saves lives and no doubt that
11:50 am
the american people support it. the only question is whether congress will have the courage to do the right thing or whether they will allow more innocent people including innocent children to be gunned down. >> why is there such a chasm between what people have said they wanted in poll after powe and what congress seems poised to do? >> yeah. this has to do a lot with the house of representatives. i think if there is any kind of gun control measure that can be passed in the wake of the newtown massacre, it is universal background checks. this comes down to the house of representatives and the kind of member of congress that has been elected to that body recently. in 2010 and 2011, republicans were in control of the map making in a lot of districts and they drew some very conservative seats for their own members to hold on to for the next decade. so you have a very conservative house. and throws the people who if the universal background checks makes it to the floor of the senate and the floor of the house would potentially vote against it. >> let's talk about closing the
11:51 am
tax loopholes. i just talked to congressman israel few minutes ago. 36% of american voters said the top issue is for compromise. closing tax loopholes for the wealthy with growing public support. 36% eliminating tax loophole for the wealthy. that's not what we see being done in washington, d.c. >> the difference that we're seeing between public opinion, whether it is with gay marriage or taxes or guns is that the american people have a more tangible experience. they're the ones who really sit down and don't have the money to hire tax accountants and have to go through tax themselves. they know folks who have been affected by gun violence. these are people who may have a son, a brother, a good friend who is gay. so these people having these very personal tangible experiences are seeing these loopholes. and we're seeing a lag both with
11:52 am
democrats and republicans. what makes me optimistic is we are seeing our elected officials start to follow more in the trend of public opinion. first the democrats and i think we'll see the republicans, too. >> thank you all so much. we wanted to spend more time with you but we had a lot of news to get to today. coming up, an update on the manhunt for the person responsible for killing colorado's prison chief. you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. none of them charge annual fees and all of them offer low cost investments. e-trade. less for us. more for you. feel like you're growing older... waiting to look younger? don't wait. [ female announcer ] get younger looking skin fast. with new olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream.
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[ sneezing ] she may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®. powerful allergy relief for adults and kids six years and older. zyrtec®. love the air. a new cdc study shows on average, americans consume 74 fewer calories a day than they did a decade ago. however, in a surprising twist, obesity rates are up. researchers state that while more time may be needed to see a weight decrease, it is also possible people aren't getting enough exercise to burn the calories they do consume.
11:56 am
check out today's gut check online. go to to vote. right now, investigators in colorado are trying to piece together the murder of the state's prison chief and the officials admit, they have very few clues in the case. kristen dahlgren is live in colorado for us. >> reporter: this manhunt continues. think about it. at any given moment, the prison system in colorado has some 20,000 inmates. it is likely that tom clements had a lot of enemies and today, police are continuing to look through every angle on this to follow up. they're getting calls fwoo sboo a tip line to see if there is anything more that they have to go. on this was a brazen crime. we're here outside the clements' home. somebody walk up to that home tuesday night and when tom clements opened the door, they shot him in the chest. so far though, the biggest clue that police have to go on is a
11:57 am
car that a neighbor saw parked out here on the street. didn't have anyone in it. it was left running at about the time of the first 911 call. then later, a few minutes later it was gone. so they're trying to figure out how that car might tie into it. they're looking for a speed walker that was in the area that may have more clues. but so far, not a whole lot to go on. meantime, they have stepped up security around the governor's mansion here. also around the state capital. and we're also hearing that the prison system is on a modified lockdown. so a lot of people on edge as this investigation continues, craig. >> who is running the prison system right now in colorado? >> reporter: the state department of corrections has the people that were just under clements running it. they're all concerned though. so they're continuing to have stepped up security around some of those people, around the prisons and also, around the state legislature as well. just in case, they're not saying
11:58 am
that this definitely has something to do with the position and it is important to point that out. they still haven't ruled out this could be completely random. but they given somebody in this position, it is something that they're definitely looking at as a possible motive. >> a brazen attack indeed. kristen call then for us. thank you. that will do it for this edition of "news nation" in for tamron hall. "the cycle" is up next. we loaded it with fast food, sweaty hockey gear, and a smelly dog cage. and parked it at a mall. in texas. for two days. then put a febreze car vent clip on the dash and let in real people. it smells good. like laundry fresh out of like the dryer. yeah. a man fresh out of the shower. nailed it. oh yeah. proof. febreze car vent clips keep your car fresh. another way febreze helps you breathe happy. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough.
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